Church Ministries
The Christian Education Ministry uses a holistic approach to disciple each soul into a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus Christ by evangelizing, ministering and teaching God's word and His principles. It is committed to ensuring that opportunities for spiritual growth and continued education are made available to the membership, a commitment based upon Matthew 28:19-20, wherein Christ commissioned His followers to teach all nations to observe all of the things He commanded. Educational opportunities are made available through the Church School (Sunday school) and Bible Church.

K.I.C.K (Kids In Christ Klub) YOUTH MINISTRY
The Youth Ministries of New Hope Baptist Church strive to provide support for parents as well as training and education for youth from the ages of 12 - 18. By imparting and helping students practically apply the vision of this local church we will equip them to be disciples in every sphere of life. They will also impact their generation through developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Ultimately, we will, through godly impartation, develop healthy, biblically minded students who through a sense of community will be inspired to serve this present age.

The purpose of the Worship & Fine Arts Ministry is to provide ministry that will illuminate the preached word of God by Pastor A. Maurice Booker through singing, drama, dance and instrumental music. The ministry also seeks to solicit and utilize ideas from sources and resources within the church body that will place New Hope on the cutting-edge of ministry. The various areas within the ministry are listed below.

The Liturgical Dance Ministry's goal is to train, direct and teach children and adults to utilize their gifts to glorify God. The Liturgical Dance team consists of several entities in one ministry: Praise & Worship, Evangelism, Mime, and the Children's Dance Ministry. The Ministry now offers a variety of dance classes for beginners and veterans alike. Drama

It is imperative that our youth have a platform for godly expression. At New Hope, the Youth Choir is just that group. From contemporary, to urban, to rap, this new generation of godly youth is taking back what God intended for the Kingdom and placing it in its proper perspective.

Just as angels surround the very throne of God, the New Hope Mass choir is placed strategically around the man of God. Elevated high above the congregation, we stand as conquerors to show forth the power of God through song. Come join this dynamic and powerful team of Levites that God has ordained to minister and intercede for his people.

At New Hope we know that praise and worship is essential for our existence and effectiveness in the Kingdom. Pastor Booker teaches us that in order for God to move and act on our behalf we must create enough glory for Him to do so. We must set the atmosphere for Him to make His abode with us. Our Praise Team does just that. As a shepherd would lead the flock into green pastures, so does the Praise Team direct us, through praise and worship, into the manifested presence of the almighty God.
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